Comparison A Tank Of Nitrous Oxide
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5x Why A Tank Of N2O Is Better Than Cream Chargers

Daniel Toss -
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When thinking about buying nitrous oxide for a catering event, you might want to reconsider buying a 100-piece-pack of small nitrous oxide cartridges and spare yourself the effort.

Instead, a tank of nitrous oxide might be more fitting to your needs. 

With demand for nitrous oxide spiking globally, the cream charger market is booming. Nitrous oxide cartridges are most commonly available in the form of 8 to 16-gram cylinders, from online vendors based around the world.

These small cylinders can charge one cream dispenser, but after you’ve released the gas, the party’s over, and you need another one to recharge. 

The solution to this problem is closer than you think and comes in the form of a tank of nitrous oxide. Perfect for large-scale events, a 580-gram tank of nitrous oxide will serve your needs late into the party.

And you won’t have to worry about serving that piña colada without a frothy coconut espuma on top. Here, we give you five reasons why a tank of nitrous oxide is more lucrative than single cartridges.

Benefits Of Buying A Tank Of Nitrous Oxide

1. Economic advantages

First and foremost, let’s break down the economic benefits of buying a tank of nitrous oxide. Previously discussed in our blog, lots of brands sell cheap cream chargers in 8 to 16-gram cylinders.

The average price for a pack of 50 such single-use cream chargers is 30 euros on QuickWhip, where a variety of brands are for sale.

Similarly, the average cost of a tank of nitrous oxide is 30 euros, but the amount you get is far out of proportion. 

A tank of nitrous oxide like Cream Deluxe cream chargers carries the equivalent amount of nitrous oxide to 80 single cream charger cylinders!

That being the case, it goes without saying that buying a tank of nitrous oxide is far more lucrative from a business perspective.

Why buy 80 single cartridges when you can get the same amount in a tank of nitrous oxide for approximately a third of the price?

2. Logistic benefits

From an organisational point of view, buying a tank of nitrous oxide is also more lucrative for your business, as you will have to place orders less frequently.

Moreover, you will have to reserve less storage space for housing packs upon packs of single nitrous oxide cartridges.

Placing less frequent orders has the added benefit of reducing delivery costs; time spent stocking and managing the inventory; as well as the effort put into processing new deliveries.

3. The choice to buy in bulk

Brands like Cream Deluxe offer their customers a lower price on bulk orders, reducing the costs of a nitrous oxide tank further.

Not only is this a cheaper option, but it also opens up wholesale opportunities for businesses large and small.

That is, by buying nitrous oxide tanks in bulk, you can use part of the inventory to supply your catering business, and the remainder to trade with smaller businesses of the catering scene.

A lucrative business deal, don’t you think?

4. Sustainability

A key factor that plays into the lucrativeness of buying nitrous oxide tanks over single cream chargers is their sustainability.

As mentioned, a tank of nitrous oxide provides the equivalent amount of N2O that 80 individual cylinders hold.

That is, a tank of nitrous oxide can deliver the same amount of nitrous oxide as 80 single cylinders while using a lot less steel.

Such a massive reduction in material consumption has two effects: it’s better for the environment and more economically viable.

Because the tank of nitrous oxide uses less steel, the manufacturing costs are less, and there is another benefit: transport costs for the same amount of nitrous oxide will fall as the overall weight of the container drops.

5. User-friendliness

Finally, a tank of nitrous oxide is, in many ways, more user-friendly than individual cream charger capsules.

For one, a tank of nitrous oxide allows you to regulate the exact amount of gas released in one go.

This feature enables you to charge a siphon much quicker because you aren’t wasting time taking the first capsule and putting in another one. Additionally, a tank of nitrous oxide reduces the loss of excess gas.

After the siphon becomes charged with one cylinder, you might add a second 8-gram cylinder, even though you only need a few more grams. The excess gas will just go to waste if it does not fit into the siphon anymore.

A tank of nitrous oxide, on the other hand, avoids such problems by giving you full control over your consumption.

The verdict?

We have outlined five reasons that demonstrate why buying a tank of nitrous oxide is far more lucrative for a business than single-use cylinders.

As such, when it comes to acquiring nitrous oxide, the question is not about which cylinder size you should buy, but rather about where you should buy it.

Cream Deluxe is your go-to vendor for nitrous oxide tanks with 580 grams of nitrous oxide. You can buy everything from a single tank to an entire pallet for wholesale price, and have it shipped to your desired destination right away. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order a tank of nitrous oxide here today.

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