🎁 Get 20% off all products with code: BF2021

🎁 Get 20% off all products with code BF2021

Why did we close our webshop?

Cream Deluxe grows very fast internationally reaching out to customers in more than 30 countries already. We want to guarantee each customer the same quality experience you witness today. Therefore, we decided to fully focus on your brand experience and to support our selected distributors to ensure that each customer worldwide receives the same brand experience.

👉 I want to buy Cream Deluxe online, where can I do that?

Our support team is always available to help you to find a seller near you, or a distributor to purchase our products.

Pressure Regulator For 615g Cylinder

Cream Deluxe Pressure Regulator


Have you ever felt like your usage of N2O doses was too much? Did you waste gas when the charge dial spun all the way to 11? Wouldn’t it be nicer to take control over your usage and know for sure that you are using just enough nitrous oxide? The Cream Deluxe Nitrous Oxide Pressure Regulator takes away these worries by giving users an intuitive solution.