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Nitrous oxide: a fast growing market full of opportunities

  • A significant increase of demand has hit the market of n2o in the past few years and has opened the door to a large number of investors.
  • The sector is permanently expanding and offers multiple opportunities  for whom decides to become a wholesaler in their region. 

Looking for large quantities for wholesale prices? We got you covered

We ship wholesale quantities all around Europe hand in hand with the fastest shipment companies.

So once all the requirements are met, you can expect a swift delivery at the location of your choice.

Easy and accessible to all entrepreneurs

  • Contact us via our chat, social accounts, or by email at to inform us on the quantity you need and the city where you want us to deliver.
  • Send your company information (passport, chamber of commerce certificate, company EU VAT number) to We will review it, and get back to you with an official invoice.

Secure and guaranteed delivery

At Cream Deluxe, we assure a secure delivery and rapid-response customer service. Answering to your questions and solving any kind of delivery issue is our top priority.

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