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If you wish to buy our Cream Deluxe products in large quantities. Please follow these steps:

Fill in the wholesale inquiry form right here:


It is mandatory to have a company and valid VAT number to order wholesale quantities.

Once your inquiry received and if our current stock allows it, we will ask you for details about your company. A video meeting will be arranged, in which the owner or CEO will have to answer company and VAT related questions.

Following this procedure ensures a trustworthy relation and establishes prevention towards frauds.

An invoice for your first order can then processed sent to you. As well as the expected days
and times of delivery.

Once the total amount of the invoice is paid, your order will be shipped.


How to use Cream Deluxe in a safe way

  1. Screw the pressure regulator onto the cylinder.Prepare your Cream Deluxe system by screwing the pressure regulator onto the N2O
    cylinder. Remove the hose adapter from the pressure regulator and screw it onto the cream
  2. Pour the contents into the cream dispenserPour the contents of your recipe into the creamer and close the lid.
  3. Connect the pressure regulator hose to the cream dispenserConnect the pressure regulator hose to the cream dispenser via the push-pull connector,
    making sure the flow switch is OFF. You will hear a click when it is connected.
  4. Open the gas flow switchWhen the system is fully connected, open the flow switch at the end of the hose by moving
    the lever in the direction of travel.
  5. Set the gas pressure according to the Cream Deluxe pressure chartSet the barometer to the desired working pressure by turning the barometer knob clockwise.
    You will hear a slight hissing sound as the gas flows into the cream dispenser. Check the
    pressure chart for a rough indication of the pressure to use.
  6. Close the flow switchWhen the whistling has stopped, close the flow switch in the OFF direction, making sure it is
    at a 90-degree junction with the pressure regulator head.
  7. Disconnect the pressure regulator hose from the cream dispenser.Disconnect the pressure regulator hose from the cream dispenser by squeezing the
    connector body and removing the cream dispenser.
  8. Shake the cream dispenserShake the cream dispenser to distribute the gas evenly, then place the decorative tip of your
    choice on the cream dispenser and release the contents.

Littering and recycling

It is necessary to dispose of the empty cylinders at your local sorting/recycling center. A release nozzle (that comes in different colors) accompanies these cylinders and allows the gas to be released completely to ensure that the cylinders are empty. Screw the nozzle on the cylinder until you do not hear any more gas coming out. Then you can safely dispose of it. We then arrange with these recycling companies to find the best way to dispose of them. If you are not sure of the procedure or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Thank you for the effort you put into the process of recovering our used cylinders.

Storage, safety and transport measures

Precautions for safe handling

Protect cylinders from physical damage; do not drag, roll, slide or drop. Never insert an object (e.g, wrench, screwdriver, pry bar) into cap openings; doing so may damage the valve and cause a leak. Close the container valve after each use; keep closed even when empty. Never apply flame or localized heat directly to any part of the container.

Storage conditions

Store only where temperature will not exceed 125°F (52°C). Post “No Smoking/No Open Flames” signs in storage and use areas. There must be no sources of ignition. Separate packages and protect against potential fire and/or explosion.

Special transport precautions

Avoid transport on vehicles where the load space is not separated from the driver’s compartment.

Before transporting product containers:

  • Ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  • Ensure that containers are firmly secured.
  • Ensure cylinder valve is closed and not leaking.
  • Ensure valve outlet cap nut or plug (where provided) is correctly fitted.
  • Ensure valve protection device (where provided) is correctly fitted


How exactly does nitrous oxide react with food?

Nitrous Oxide is approved for use as a food additive (also known as E942), specifically as an aerosol spray propellant. Nitrous Oxide is extremely soluble in fatty compounds, including cream and other substances used for cooking. In a cream dispenser, the gas is dissolved in the substance, and until the dispenser is used the substance inside remains in its liquid state. Once the cream dispenser is used and the substance reaches the air (when the Nitrous Oxide gas merges with oxygen), a chemical reaction takes place which transforms the substance into foamy or a much more volumized substance enhanced with flavor.