Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g


Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g

2000 grams of food-grade N2O purity tested at 99,9% wrapped in high-grade steel. Cream Deluxe Maxxi is equipped with a plastic handle to carry to any occasion.

  • 1 pressure release nozzle included with every 1 cylinder

  • Food-grade nitrous oxide purity tested 99,9%

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Do you like it bigger and bolder? With Cream Deluxe Maxxi we went all the way for you. We created one of the biggest disposable cylinders in the market.

Much like a bazooka, this tank is carried by a convenient handle.

Technical product information

  • Contains 2000 gram of nitrous oxide
  • Equivalent of 250 cream chargers
  • 100% steel casing
  • Pure food-grade nitrous oxide purity tested at 99,9%.
  • Strong and high-quality craftsmanship

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