Cream Deluxe 666 edition


Cream Deluxe 666 edition

Cream Deluxe 666 edition is a limited edition cylinder of 666 grams of food-grade N2O purity tested at 99,9% wrapped in high-grade steel.

  • 1 pressure release nozzle included with every 1 cylinder

  • Food-grade nitrous oxide purity tested 99,9%

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You asked – we deliver!

We heard you. Cream Deluxe steel is here to stay. After a short summer break, we are happy to re-introduce the iconic Cream Deluxe steel cylinder in our limited midnight edition. Filled with 666g of high-purity food-grade N2O for extraordinary cocktails. For long summer nights, for the nighthawks, for unforgettable moments until the sun rises. Very soon available at your local distributor.”

Technical product information

  • Cream Deluxe original cream charger, but improved. In a limited edition casing.
  • Contains 666 gram of nitrous oxide – same as 80 cream chargers.
  • 100% steel casing.
  • Pure food-grade nitrous oxide purity tested at 99,9%.
  • Strong and high-quality craftsmanship.

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