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Best Items To Dropship: Cream Chargers

Daniel Toss -
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Dropshipping allows e-commerce businesses to sell products online without having to keep them in stock. In practice, dropshipping works as follows: a customer orders a product from a webshop, while the webshop orders the product directly from the producer. The producer then sends the product directly to the customer. The greatest benefit for an e-commerce business is that it doesn’t need to hold stock.

Dropshiping – How to Start?

Dropshipping is appealing to new entrepreneurs because rudimentary internet skills beat financial resources in this business model. With limited funds, you can start a dropshipping business and do everything by yourself.

Even if you believe that you can compete with the largest retail companies out there on a limited budget, you would have to invest a substantial amount of hard work. Following these steps will help you get a head start:

  1. Do thorough product and market research
  2. Pick a niche
  3. Do more research
  4. Pick a quality supplier
  5. Build a webshop
  6. Acquire a customer base
  7. Optimise performance

E-commerce Dropshipping Cream Chargers

E-commerce dropshipping handles one of the biggest challenges of every retailer: inventory management. Forecasting the right product at the right time is a crucial skill and needn’t be underestimated.

Fortunately, in e-commerce dropshipping, you don’t hold any of the stock yourself. Instead, when a customer buys an item from a webshop, the seller sends the order directly to the supplier. After this, the product will be shipped directly from the supplier or manufacturer’s warehouse to the customer.

Dropshipping cream chargers can be a great fit, seeing as their demand has been steady since the early 2000s. And after a brief downturn following the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the market for cream chargers has surged worldwide once again, reaching an all-time high at this moment in time, 2020. 

‘Cream chargers’ trend worldwide, as seen on Google Trends

And as the demand for cream chargers grows, so do the number of businesses having a go at dropshipping.

Make Money Dropshipping

Making money by dropshipping is possible because of the immensely low startup costs involved in the lucrative dropshipping model. Those who operate within niche industries while dropshipping can dive deep into the chain and get familiar with all processes, and therefore have a better chance at dominating it. So, by cutting down the shipping costs and perfecting the supply chain, dropshippers can keep their heads above water with ease, while only having to worry about customer acquisition and conversion performance. 

Private Label Dropshipping

Private label dropshipping means that the product is produced by a manufacturer while being sold under the reseller’s brand name. This way, companies can create the perceived value of the products themselves, and have total control over how to maximise profits.

By maintaining full control, you can decide on which pricing model suits your brand best. Additionally, the risk of being sued for infringement by others is drastically lower than when you build the brand yourself.

Dropshipping under a private label gives you much more flexibility, although label expenses are not to be underestimated – costs for warehouses, shipping containers, transportation and fulfilment centres can quickly pile up.

Best Dropshipping Products 2020

Top 5 cream charger products to dropship:

‘Smartwhip’ (nitrous oxide cylinder) trend worldwide, as seen on Google Trends
  1. Nitrous oxide cylinders holding 580 grams:
    As opposed to traditional cream chargers, these big cream chargers contain up to 80 times more nitrous oxide than conventionally available. The prices may be slightly elevated, but we’ve also seen the demand for such N2O cylinders skyrocket.
  2. Cream chargers filled with 8 grams of nitrous oxide, 50 pieces:
    Packs with as little as 10 cream chargers are readily available, but this makes the margin for advertisement relatively narrow. We advise trading with cream charger packs containing at least 24 pieces. A great product price to work with is around €20 per-pack, which is within the price range of a 50-piece-pack.

    Purchases around this price class are typically labelled as ‘impulse-purchases’. Dropshipping and impulse-purchases are a match made in heaven because most of the time dropshippers find themselves advertising on social media because of its low threshold. Social media is the king of volatile traffic, so the product and pricing combination has to spark interest straight away.
  3. Cream chargers filled with 8 grams of nitrous oxide, 100 pieces:
    The 100-piece-pack of cream chargers is sold for around €40. Usually, products within this price category are also labelled as an ‘impulse-purchases’.
  4. Cream chargers filled with 8 grams of nitrous oxide, 250 pieces:
    Packs containing 250 cream charger cylinders usually go for around €100. Please be aware though that in some cases, this quantity of N2O is the maximum amount available for purchase for non-commercial use.
  5. Whipped cream dispensers:
    Whipped cream dispensers are indispensable for customers buying cream chargers. If you decide to start trading with either product, you could eventually scale up, broaden your assortment, and add a cream dispensers as an up-sell.

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