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🎁 Get 20% off all products with code BF2021

Cream Deluxe Cream Charger 615g With Bag

Cream Deluxe Bag Small 615g




Pressure Release Nipple Cream Deluxe
1 × Pressure Release Nozzle

The Cream Deluxe Bag holds your N2O cylinder without effort. Easily carry your cream charger to any setting or event without worrying about how to transport it.

✔ Made from quality neoprene (same material as wetsuits)
✔ Carry easy with a cord that is adjustable in length
✔ Bring your accessories inside the extra zip-locked bag

Cream Deluxe N2O

As opposed to the traditional cream charger, Cream Deluxe N2O cylinder is armed with 615 grams of Nitrous Oxide. The cylinder is made to fill up your cream dispenser even quicker in the fastest and easiest way possible. By having 84 times as much gas in the tank, it automatically makes Cream Deluxe of superior quality. The quality is enriched with the possibility to regulate all of the pressure that goes inside the cream dispenser. Never worry about wasting chargers due to over-pressure and avoid bursting-risks at all costs.

How to use Cream Deluxe

Cream Deluxe cream chargers are officially used in combination with a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator gives you control over portion sizes and nitrous oxide usage. A perfectionist now knows at all times what he is doing, how great is that!

Cream Deluxe NOS

Nitrous oxide N2O – also known as NOS – first gained popularity in the car-tuning movie “Fast & Furious”.

Fun fact: as most people probably wouldn’t know, NOS stands for Nitrous Oxide Systems. It actually is the brand name of the largest supplier of N2O for car racing in the world, who started producing in 1978. 

Not to be confused with our cylinders, which are filled with 100% food-grade nitrous oxide.